PATS - A Brief Overview

Feedback - Player Buddies

Leadership - Structure

The PATS program is coordinated by a Trainer who has completed their Pickleball Bible Manual training. Each of the eight strokes are described with specific tips (techniques) in the Pickleball Bible Manual. Each stroke area has accompanying links to a video that demonstrates the correct form for completing the stroke.

Rotation & Roles

Each group of 4 players become "Player Buddies". Three of these player buddies observe the person who is hitting the ball coming from the SIMON ball machine. The players not on the SIMON maching provide input to the Trainer who is scoring the person who is on the SIMON machine.  

One "Player Buddy", working beside the Trainer observes the stroke form (mechanics) and he/she uses the "TIPS" sheet as a reference. Two other Player Buddies are using the ball hopper to pick up balls on both sides of the net. These Player Buddies take time to observe the person stroking and contribute their feedback to the Trainer.    

Each Player Buddy takes a rotation turn on SIMON. All 4 players are involved and learning the proper stroke technique for a series of 8 pickleball strokes.

Stroke scores of players are entered into an online database. The player sores are accessible immediately after the session. 

click here to see a sample of a PATS score sheet. 

To summarize, 4 players plus the Trainer help each Player Buddy gain mastery of 8 core pickleball strokes. The emphasis is on cooperation and "playing with purpose", not competition. The Pickleball Bible Manual is the PATS program core resource for stroke instruction. It is a manual built on research and is widely used for pickleball instruction.  

SIMON - A Neutral System for Stroke Improvement

A ball machine for developing pickleball skills lessens the role of the "expert coach". A ball machine gives consistent ball tosses. Players don't feel performance pressure as they would with a "quasi expert" who is unlikely to have a formal certified coaching experience. 

8 Core Stroke Skills,, drills and the Pickleball Bible

Each stroke skill has a comprehensive breakdown of tip descriptions complete with links to videos that illustrate correct stroke mechanics. Click here to view and download the complete Pickleball Bible (manual).

 1. Serve 6. Half - Volley
 2. Return of Serve/Groundstrokes 7. Overhead Smash
 3. Long Drop Shot 8. Lob
 4. Dink 9. Practice & Combination Drills
 5. Volleys 10. Lead Up Game Drills

Pickleball, a game for life

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